Ibanez 627 Dreadnought

This is my sole acoustic, purchased in 1977. Here you can see this guitar in a 70s-vintage Ibanez catalog page (it's the second from left). A budget 'knock-off' inspired by the Martin D-18, it has served pretty well. It has mahogany back and sides and what appears to be solid spruce top. It's all 'stock', except for a strap button added to the neck heel, and a nut and saddle made of Corian, both of which I cut myself, replacing the original plastic items.
This is in fact the first and only steel string acoustic I have ever owned. Back in the days when it was 'new', my ambition was to have a 'twenty-five year-old guitar' (my dream guitar, circa 1980, was a 1963 Gibson J-50.) Well, as of about 3 years ago, I finally had my twenty-five year-old guitar.
Aside from how dusty I let my instruments get, this picture shows an inconsequential little trinket that was given to me one Friday night by a very pretty girl in Chicago. I was having a short-lived career as a busker on Rush Street at the time, and she had sat nearby to have her portrait drawn by a street artist. Afterwards she said she wanted to give me something for the songs, but didn't have any money (her boyfriend having blown it all on the portrait.) So she gave me this little souvenier. I hung it from the headstock of the guitar right then, and it's been there ever since. Trinket
Is there any musician, who is also a photographer, in existence who hasn't ended up using his instruments as subjects? Or maybe it's just me. You see here a Dunlop 1mm textured nylon pick, the best guitar pick in the world for flat-picking medium-gauge acoustic guitar strings.