Ibanez 2352


Ibanez 2352 Not my first electric guitar (that was a Univox Ventures-copy) but probably my first real electric. Purchased used in 1978 from the music store at which I was then taking lessons. The Ibanez Guitars of the 70s and 80s page has some specifications for this instrument. Ibanez, in their copy heyday, had multiple levels of versimilitude. Some of their guitars were precise reproductions of the originals. Some were more look-alikes than copies. This guitar was of the latter variety. It looked like a Tellie, and didn't do a bad job of sounding like one, but it's construction differed in many ways. For example, it did not have backloading strings (although the bridge did have holes for them;) The maple fingerboard was glued onto the neck, instead of both being carved out of a single piece of wood; the truss rod installation was Gibson-style rather than Fender. An all-around sweet guitar. I sold it while in college, along with an Ampeg ReverbRocket amp.