The Kramer

I found this beauty at a garage sale. With a color scheme like this, I'd like to say that I saw it half a mile away, but the truth is that it did not catch my eye until after the 60s-vintage Epiphone this guy was also selling. I haven't determined which model this is. It's a fairly solid guitar, with Kramer pickups and a Floyd Rose II locking 'tremolo'.

The body has suffered some minor damage and the finish is not in the best of shape. The Floyd installation is not original, and I can't decide if the unit itself is. The top of this guitar is routed with a recess of the type that industrial-strength Floyds require for serious pulling, but the rout itself is nowhere deep enough to accomodate that sort of abuse. The guitar either was equipped with some other bridge, or the Floyd was originally mounted so that it was elevated above the top, in which case it would also have originally had a neck angle. The kid who sold it to me had routed the mounting area deeper to set the unit flush with the top, though he left the rest of the rout the original depth, so you can't pull on the unit. The vibrato block actually protrudes out the back of the guitar. The locking nut is mounted a tad off center and is missing the actual locking clamps.

Obviously I intend to refinish this beast. I'll also be repairing the body damage and completing the deep top rout to accomodate full use of the vibrato. The block sticking out of the back of the guitar bugs me a little. I might investigate whether I can saw about a quarter of an inch off of it and get it back inside. I'll be remounting the locking nut and replacing the missing parts.