Mouse's Home Page

The sweetest puss this side o' the Rockies! Mouse is a rescued stray. She was only a few weeks old when I found her on Milwaukee Avenue, in Chicago, in the autumn of 1990. The fact that I was able to pick her up indicates that she was stray and not feral, as in my experience feral kittens will always run from people. Mouse, on the other hand, seemed perfectly at ease with people.

Despite her trusting nature, Mouse had endured some hardships. How long she was on the streets I don't know, but she had the worst case of ear mites I have ever seen. And her tail had a hook in the tip. Apparently it had been broken. It was fully healed by the time I found her, but the bend in her tail was permanent.

Mouse is an endearing little lover and likes nothing more than a warm lap to sleep in and a vigorous belly rub. She likes ice cream, but only if she lick it out of your bowl, and cream cheese, but only if she can lick it off your bagel! However, she is also quite needy and demanding, and has particular difficulty getting along with other cats. Mouse and guitar case
Minstrel and Mouse Mouse and Minstrel enjoy a fine spring day. None of the cats go outside as a matter of course anymore. Mouse has always been somewhat nuerotic about the outdoors. She always wants out when she's in and in when she's out. The first thing she does when she gets out is to throw herself on the ground and roll around on the sidewalk. I guess the rough concrete feels good. I let her out on occasion just to see this little spectacle.
A reflective and poetic moggie, Mouse contemplates the nature of the universe, and wonders how, exactly, one of those birds in the yard would taste. Mouse in a pensive mood.