Ship Nicknames

Various ship nicknames that I have collected during my reading and exploration of the Internet. This list of course is far from comprehensive. It mostly includes American and British ships, as sources describing these ships are more accessible.

Where possible and not otherwise self-evident, I have included 'explanation' for a nickname, as indicated by one source or another.

A ship might bear more than one nickname over the course of its career, or even at the same time. Different constituencies might have different names or 'shorthand' for the same ship. For example, the nickname used by a ship's crew may not be the same as the shorthand used by the high command, which may not be the same as the name used by the press (and public), which may not be the same one as used by the complement of a 'rival' ship within the fleet.

Nicknames are not always polite, and I am not responsible for any offense that any readers may take to the nature of or the mere inclusion of a particular name. Believe it or not, sailors sometimes seem to enjoy showing a healthy disrespect even for their own (naturally beloved) ship, and may themselves apply what would be thought a derogatory or insulting name. This is not to say that the crew of that ship might not take offense if an outsider were to refer to their ship by that name. In other cases, names are applied by the press, public, opposition, or elsewhere within a fleet, oftentimes based on a real or perceived deficiency in either the ship or crew, and such names may well be considered offensive by the crew of the maligned vessel. Tread with care.

Additions, corrections and clarifications are welcome. Send e-mail.

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HMAS Albatross (1929)LuckyKilling an albatross is considered unlucky.
HMAS Australia (1928)Aussie, The
HMAS Brisbane - D-39 (1966)Steel Cat, TheBlack lion featured in ship's crest.
HMAS Derwent - DE-49 (1964)Swift and DeadlySources differ on whether this is her nickname, or motto.
HMAS Perth - DDG-38 (1965)Fluffy Duck
 Grey Ghost of The Vietnam Coast, The
 GunpowderCall sign, used during 1967 while on Vietnam deployment.
 Jolly Green Giant, TheAustralian grey paint looked kind of greenish.
 Quite (Quiet?) Achiever
HMAS Swan - DE-50 (1970)Fluffy Duck, TheAfter a scandal (?) in early 70s.
HMAS Vampire - D-11 (1959)Bat, The
HMVS Cerberus (1868)Floating Gasworks, TheDescribed thus in a newspaper editorial when new.
 Guardian of HadesCerberus, in Greek mythology, was the watchdog of hell.


CT Pernambuco - D-30 (1989)Ticondebuco


HMCS Bonaventure - CVL-22 (1957)Bonnie
HMCS Haida - G-63 (1943)Fightingest Ship in The RCN, The
HMCS Magnificent - CVL-21 (1948)Maggie
HMCS NipigonTrawler Mauler, TheIs there a collision behind this?
HMCS Restigouche - H00 (1938)Rusty Guts
HMCS St. Laurent - H83 (1937)Sally RandPopular stripper of the day.
HMCS WetawaskinWet Ass Queen


CHI Chin OuTerror of The Western World, TheEarly Chinese ironclad, very small and unimpressive compared to contemporary western ships. This derisive name was applied in Kiangnan, where she was built.

Confederate States of America

CSS Alabama (1862)  
CSS Virginia (1862)MerrimacOriginal name of this vessel in U.S. service.


DAN Sorte Sara - MS1 (1941)Sorte SaraDanish for 'Black Sara.' Originally minesweeper MS1, was painted black with tar in 1943 and escaped to Sweden. Nickname acquired at that time was made official in 1945.


FNS HämeenmaaHämeen hitainFinnish for "Slowest at Häme" [Häme is a province in central Finland].
FNS Helsinki class attack craft (1980)Hesarinickname for Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland - they are the fastest craft of the navy
FNS Ilmarinen (1934)Illucommon nickname for male name Ilmari
FNS Kala class landing craftFloating PhoneboothShape of bridge.
FNS Kallanpää class minesweepersPuupääFinnish for "wooden head" - they were of plywood construction.
FNS Kampela class landing craftFloating PhoneboothShape of bridge.
FNS Karjala (1918)Orjalaiva KurjalaFinnish for 'Slaveship Misery'.
FNS KeihässalmiKeppisalmi"Stick strait", parody of the actual name translating as "Spear strait"
FNS Kuha class minesweepersSoapboxConstructed of fiberglass
FNS Nuoli class attack craft (1961)Kaarnaveneet"Bark Boats" - they have been made of wood
FNS Pohjanmaa (1979)Puuhamaaafter an amusement park
 ViinalaivaFinnish for "Booze Ship" - Ship involved in a scandal when officers attempted to smuggle liquor from abroad.
FNS R class patrol boats (1957)Vartsari
FNS RuotsinsalmiRuosteensilmäFinnish for 'Rusty Eye'.
FNS Tuima class attack craft (1974)Moskvitsha poor quality Soviet car - the class is based on Soviet Osa II craft
 TuskaFinnish for 'Agony'.
FNS Turunmaa (1916)SurunmaaFinnish for "Sorrow's Land".
FNS Uusimaa (1917)Amiraalin nyrkkiFinnish for 'Admiral's Fist'.
FNS Väinämöinen (1932)Väiskicommon nickname for male name Väinö


FS Clemenceau - R 98 (1961)Le Clem 
FS Georges Leygues (1937)Gorgeous LegsRoyal Navy nickname
FS Hoche (1890)The Grand HotelTowering superstructure relative to hull.
SS Normandie (1935)Ship of LightSpectacular light decorations in main dining room


FGS Augsberg - F-213 (1989)Wild 13 
HSK Atlantis - HSK-2 (1939)Raider CRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 16”
HSK Coronel - HSK-10 (1942)Raider KRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 14”
HSK Komet - KSK-7 (1940)Raider BRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 43”
HSK Kormoran - HSK-8 (1940)Raider GRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. Reportedly Kormoran's name was not even known until after her destruction. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 41”
HSK Michel - HSK-9 (1941)Raider HRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 21”
HSK Orion - HSK-1 (1939)Raider ARoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 36”
HSK Pinguin - HSK-5 (1940)Raider FRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 33”
HSK Stier - HSK-6 (1942)Raider JRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 23”
HSK Thor - HSK-4 (1940)Raider ERoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 10”
HSK Widder - HSK-3 (1939)Raider DRoyal Navy assigned designation to commerce raiders, who's actual identity was not always know with certainty. In the German navy she was referred to as “Ship 21”
KMS Admiral Hipper (1939)KipperRoyal Navy nickname.
KMS Bismarck (1940)BeaverRoyal Navy nickname.
KMS Gneisenau (1938)GlucksteinRoyal Navy nickname. "Salmon & Gluckstein" were famous British financiers.
KMS Prinz Eugen (1940)Marlborough's FriendRoyal Navy nickname.
KMS Scharnhorst (1939)SalmonRoyal Navy nickname. "Salmon & Gluckstein" were famous British financiers.
KMS Scharnhorst-class battleships (1939)Ugly Sisters, The(empty)
KMS Tirpitz (1941)Lone Queen of The North, The
KMS Type XIV U-boat (1940)Milk CowsGerman Milchkuh (the Type XIV was a supply u-boat.)
RMS Berengaria (1921)Bargain-areaIn later years used for “cheap prohibition-dodging” cruises
 Happy Ship, The
SMS Brandenburg-class battleships (1890)Whalers, TheDerisive Royal Navy nickname
SMS Derfflinger (1914)Iron DogBritish nickname. Most 'hit' ship at Jutland that wasn't actually sunk
SMS Helgoland (1911)Big Heinrich
SMS OldenburgFlat-Iron
SMS Sachsen (1877)Cement Factory, The
SMS Type II U-boat (1933)Dugout CanoesOr “Long Canoe” (German 'Einbaum'). Very small boat used for coastal patrol and training
SS Imperator (1913)Colossus of The Atlantic
 LimperatorTop heavy and a heavy roller
SS Imperator-class (1913)Big Three, The 
SS Kaiser Wilhelm II (1903)Rolling Billy

Great Britain

HMS AgamemnonEggs and Bacon
HMS Agincourt (1914)Giant, ThePopular nickname in Newcastle, where and while she was building.
 Gin Palace, The
 HMS RustDuring 4 month hiatus during building, while sale of ship from Brazil to Turkey was negotiated, ship took on a red patina.
HMS Ajax - F114 (1963)White Tornado, The
HMS AlbionGrey Ghost of The Borneo Coast, The
 Old Grey Ghost
HMS Anson - 79 (1942)Annie
 Mighty Annie
HMS Antelope - H43 (1975)Antelope"Antelope" pronounced with the same stress as "Penelope'" i.e. (An-TELL-o-pee).
 Aunty Loapee
HMS Argus - I49 (1919)Ditty Box, TheExchange between Beatty and signalman upon first seeing Argus: "Ship entering sir." "Damn it all man, what ship is it?  What sort of ship?" "Well it looks like a floating ditty box Sir." 
 Flat IronFirst flush-deck carrier, true 'flat-top'.
HMS Ark Royal - 91 (1937)Ark
HMS Ark Royal - R07 (1985)Ark Shark
HMS Bacchante - F69 (1968)Big Shanty
HMS Beaver - F93 (1986)Her Majesty's BeaverAllegedly, at one time the ship's store was selling womens' panties with this nickname stenciled on the front. HMS Invincible supposedly had the same practice.
HMS Bellerephon (1786)Billy Ruffian
HMS Bellerephon (1909)Belly Ruffin
HMS Birmingham - D86 (1976)Brum, The 
HMS Blake - C99 (1961)Snakey Blake
HMS Bulwark - R08 (1954)Rusty B, TheMotto: "Under Thy Wings I Will Trust." Crew's version: "Under Thy Wings I Will Rust."
HMS Cardiff - D108 (1979)Welsh Warship, The 
HMS Cavalier (1944)Laughing Cavalier, The 
HMS Charybdis - F75 (1969)Cherry B
HMS Charybdis (1941)Cherry B
HMS Cornwall - F99 (1988)Fighting Ice Cream, TheAn ice cream company advertised 99 flavors.
HMS Cossack - F03 (1938)Horseman, The
 Russky, The
HMS Courageous - 50 (1917)OutrageousOdd design of extremely doubtful military utility. This name would apply to her original, as-designed configuration as a 'battlecruiser' armed with four 15" guns.
HMS Courageous - SSN-06 (1971)Mean Machine, The
HMS Courageous-class (1917)Weird Sisters, TheOdd design of doubtful military utlity. All were converted to aircraft carriers after complete failure in original design role of 'large light cruisers'/battlecruisers.
HMS Diomede - F16 (1971)Dim Weed
HMS Duke of York (1941)DOY
HMS Eagle (1951)Big E, The
HMS Edinburgh - D93 (1985)Fortress of The Sea, The
HMS Edinburgh (1939)Rabbit Hole, TheAs in warren, as in burrow, as in 'Ed in Burra'
HMS Endurance - A171 (1991)Red PlumRed-painted hull.
HMS Endurance (195?)Red Plum, TheRed hull.
HMS Erin (1914)ErringHerring with a silent 'H'.
HMS Eskimo - F119 (1963)Mo, The
HMS Excalibur - S40 (1952)ExcruciatorExperimental, accident-prone hydrogen peroxide drive
HMS Explorer (1951)ExploderExperimental submarine with hydrogen-peroxide powered engines. HO is extremely volatile under certain conditions.
HMS Fearless - L10 (1965)Fighting Fearless, The
HMS Furious - 47 (1917)Curious Reportedly earned this nickname after first conversion to 'half carrier'... Formerly was known as 'Spurious'. 'Curious' also reportedly applied to semi-sister HMS Glorious.
 Flat IronRefers to shape of bow/forward flight deck, which was shaped like a clothes iron. This nickname was also applied to HMS Argus.
 SpuriousOdd design of extremely doubtful military utility. Reportedly this refers to her original, as-designed configuration as a 'battlecruiser' armed with two 18" guns. Some sources report moniker was changed to 'Curious' after first conversion to carrier.
HMS Galatea - F18 (1964)Black Pig, TheFirst captain's name was same as captain of "Black Pig" in popular children's TV series.
HMS Glamorgan - D19 (1966)Glamorous Organ, The
 Glorious Organ, The
 Organ, The
HMS Glorious - 77 (1917)Curious Odd design of extremely doubtful military utility. This name would apply to her original, as-designed configuration as a 'battlecruiser' armed with four 15" guns. Reportedly also applied to semi-sister Furious at times during her career.
 UproariousOdd design of extremely doubtful military utility. This name would apply to her original, as-designed configuration as a 'battlecruiser' armed with four 15" guns.
HMS Gloucester - 62 (1939)Fighting G, The
HMS Gloucester - D96 (1985)Fighting G, The
HMS Hermes - R12 (1959)Happy Hermes
 Happy Herpes
HMS Hermione - F58 (1983)Hermi-One
HMS Hermione (1782)Black HermioneSite of nasty mutinies in 1797.
HMS Hood (1892)Old Hole in The WallCurrent nickname for the wreck (sunk as a block ship at Portsmouth) among divers.
HMS Hood (1922)Mighty Hood
HMS Howe (1942)Indian, The
HMS Hunt-class mine counter-measure vessel (1980)Tupperware Fleet, TheConstructed of GRP (glass reinforced plastic). This also includes ships of other classes built from the same material.
HMS Illustrious - 87/R2/R87 (1940)Lulu
HMS Illustrious - R06 (1981)Lusty
HMS Indefatigable - R10 (1944)Indefat
HMS Indomitable - R92 (1941)Indom
HMS Invincible - R05 (1980)Vince
HMS Iron Duke (191?)Tin Duck
HMS Jamaica - C44 (1942)Fighting J, The 
 Galloping Ghost of the Korean Coast, TheClaimed as sunk by the N. Koreans on at least 3 occasions.
HMS Juno - F52 (1966)Raving J, The
HMS King Edward VII-class (1905)Wobbly Eight, TheEight ships in class, "Through a design quirk, they could make minor adjustments when sailing straight ahead, port to starboard and starboard to port, giving them a wobbling appearance."
HMS King George V - 41 (1940)KGV
 Old King, TheConvention was for the first capital ship of a king's reign to be named for that king. George VI insisted it be named for his father, George V, instead.
HMS Lion (1912)Cat, The 
HMS Lion-class Battlecruiser (1912)Splendid Cats, The 
HMS Liverpool - D92 (1982)Crazy Red Chicken, TheLiver Bird (symbol of city of Liverpool) part of ship's crest
HMS Llandaff - F61 (1958)Taffy
HMS Manchester - D95 (1982)Busy BeeBees depicted in badge.
HMS Minerva - F45 (1966)Fighting 45, TheTwinned with an army regiment of that name.
HMS Monmouth - F235 (1993)Black Duke, TheInspired by Duke of Monmouth's rebellion against the crown. Only ship in RN authorized to fly a black flag.
HMS Nelson (1927)Nellie
 NelsolAppearance reminded people of that of a class of fleet oiler, who’s names all ended in ‘ol’.
HMS Northumberland - F238 (1995)NookieFirst mixed gender ship in RN.
HMS Nottingham - D91 (1983)Notty, The 
HMS Ocean - R68 (1945)UnluckyA lot of accidents.
HMS Olympus - S12 (1962)OlimpalotCollision damage was repaired with components of HMS Catchalot.
HMS Onyx - S21 (1966)Sardine's Revenge, TheDuring Falkland's carried an additional complement of commandos, creating very crowded conditions.
HMS Penelope - F127 (1963)Penny Lope"Penelope" pronounced with the same stress as "Antelope."
HMS Penelope (1936)PepperpotHull pockmarked (peppered) by shell and bomb fragments during Malta actions.
 Shadow, TheApplied by the Germans.
HMS Plymouth - F126 (1961)Gob, TheEnglish slang for 'mouth'.
HMS PolyphemusOne EyePolyphemus is the name of a cyclops in Greek mythology
HMS Porcupine (1942)Porky and PineShip broke in half by torpedo but both halves stayed afloat, salvaged and used for in port duties.
HMS Prince of Wales (1941)POW
HMS Queen Elizabeth (1915)Big Lizzie
HMS RamilliesRam PilesMany collisions
HMS Renown (1916)Largest Destroyer in the Fleet, TheLast surviving battlecruiser in the Royal Navy, fastest capitol ship with reputation for smart handling
 RefitIn dock and yard often during early commission having design deficiencies remediated.
HMS Renown-class (1916)Gallopers, TheSo-called by Admiral Beatty, due to their high speed.
 Tinclads, TheJoined fleet after battle of Jutland with armor that was by then considered to be disastrously inadequate
HMS Repulse (1916)RepairIn dock and yard often during early commission having design deficiencies remediated.
HMS Resistance (1861)Old RammoFirst British ironclad with a ram.
HMS Rhyl - F129 (1960)Vile Rhyl
HMS Rodney (1927)RodnolAppearance reminded people of that of a class of fleet oiler, who’s names all ended in ‘ol’.
HMS Royal Oak (1916)Woody, The
HMS Royal Sovereign (1916)Coin, The
HMS Royal Sovereign-class (1892)Rolling Ressies, TheClass had a reputation (somewhat inflated) for rolling. Resolution in particular received a lot of press.
HMS Scyla (1942)Toothless Terror, TheArmed with lighter guns than other ships in class due to supply limitations.
HMS Sheffield - D-80 (1975)Shiny SheffInherited steel fittings and name from earlier Sheffield.
HMS Sheffield - F-96 (1988)Shiny SheffInherited steel fittings and name from earlier Sheffield.
HMS Sheffield (1936)Shiny SheffFitted with many stainless steel fittings rather than brass.
HMS Southampton - D90 (1981)Mighty Ninety, The 
HMS Superb - S109 (1976)Super B
HMS Surveyors-class Third Rate (1810)Forty Thieves, TheClass of 40 ships, notorious reputation for poor workmanship and corruption in their acquisition.
HMS Tartar - F43 (1939)Goodbye"Ta ta"
 RatratTartar spelled backwards.
HMS Temeraire (1876)Great Brig, TheTransitional sail/steam design, largest ship ever carry a two-masted brig-rig
HMS Theseus - R64 (1946)Tea-Issues
HMS Torquay - F43 (1956)Torquack
HMS Undaunted - F53 (1944)Fighting 53, The 
HMS Undaunted - R53 (1944)Unwanted
HMS Vanguard - 23 (1946)battleship with her great aunt's teethRe-used gun mounts and turrets removed from Courageous-class during 1920s
HMS Vengeance - R71 (1945)Lord's Own, TheBiblical: "The Lord will take vengeance upon his enemies."
HMS Victorious - 38/R23/R38 (1941)Make 'imLine in national anthem: "Make him victorious"
 Notorious, The
 USS RobinCall sign while operating with the US Pacific fleet in 1943. 'Robin' derived from 'Robin Hood'. The actual USS Robin at the time was a mine sweeper serving in the Atlantic.
 Vic, The
HMS Victory (1737)Balchen's VictoryEntire crew, including Admiral Balchen, killed when ship foundered in 1744.
HMS Warspite (1915)Grand Old Lady, The
 Old Lady, The
HMS Weston Super Mare (1940)Aggie on HorsebackDame Agnes "Agge" Weston founded a series of seaman's rests/mission in the 19th century.
HMS Wild Goose (1943)Mad Duck
HMS Wilton - M1116 (1973)HMS IndestructibleWorld's first GRP (glass reinforced plastic) warship.
 HMS TupperwareWorld's first GRP (glass reinforced plastic) warship.
 Plastic BagWorld's first GRP (glass reinforced plastic) warship.
 Plastic Duck, TheWorld's first GRP (glass reinforced plastic) warship.
HMS Yarmouth - F101 (1960)Crazy Y, The
HMY Britannia (1954)Brit, The
RFA Tidepool - A76 (1963)Tiddlypoo
RMS Aquitania (1914)Ship Beautiful, The
RMS Caronia (1947)Green Goddess, TheWore a distinctive green livery
RMS Celtic-class passenger ships (1901)Big Four, The 
RMS Lusitania (1907)Lusi
 The Scottish ShipCunard nickname during building, to distinguish Lusitania, which was being built in a Scottish yard from sister Mauretania, which was building in England.
RMS Mauretania (1907)Maury 
 Rostron ExpressShip was so reliable that Cpt. Rostron was said never to miss his train to London.
RMS Olympic (1910)Old Reliable 
RMS Queen Elizabeth (1940)Queen, The 
RMS Queen Mary (1936)Gray Ghost, TheAs troop transport during WW2.
Sovereign of the Seas (1637)Golden Devil, TheDutch nickname, referring to her copious gold-painted ornamentation.
SS Canberra (1961)Great White Whale, TheShip painted overall white.
SS Great Eastern (1860)Great BabeOr “Great Baby”. Designer/builder Brunel's own nickname for his creation.
SS Himalaya (1949)Poofter Chook, TheIn Australian slang a 'poofter' is a gay man and a 'chook' is a hen (an 'egg-layer').
SS Queen Elizabeth 2 (196?)QE2


SS Canadian InventorMatti Matti Maru
SS Hokusen MaruBenjo MaruPOW nickname for this prisoner transport.
 Haro MaruPOW nickname for this prisoner transport.
SS Shunko MaruSyunko MaruPOW nickname for this prisoner transport.


HNLMS Flores (1926)Terrible Twins, TheApplied to Flores and gunboat Soemba by the Royal Navy following their performance providing gunfire support of the invasion of Sicily.
HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck (1939)Old Jacob
HNLMS Soemba (1926)Terrible Twins, TheApplied to Soemba and gunboat Flores by the Royal Navy following their performance providing gunfire support of the invasion of Sicily.
HNLMS Tromp (1939)Ghost Ship, ThePopular in Australia. Repeatedly claimed as sunk.
HNLMS Van Kinsbergen (1939)Flying Dutchman, TheWhile serving alongside USN in 1944.
SS Europa (1911)Ocean Wanderer, The


ORP Blyskawica (1937)Bottle of WhiskeyCanadian nickname while operating alongside RCN ships in WW2.


SS Ferreira (1895)Pequina CamisolaPortuguese for 'Little Shirt.' Ferreira had previously been Cutty Sark. 'Cutty sark' is a Gaelic phrase meaning 'little shirt' or 'petticoat'.

Russia/Soviet Union

HIRMS Askold (1900)Packet of Woodbines5 narrow funnels reminded British sailors of a pack of cigarettes
HIRMS Navarin (1904)Factory, TheApparently based on appearance (cowl vents, etc.)
USSR K-19 (1961)HiroshimaFirst Soviet nuclear sub, suffered major reactor casualty on maiden cruise. This name was reportedly used by Soviet navy personnel.
USSR Oscar-class (1978)Long LoafBaton in Russian. Refers to hull shape.
USSR Papa-class (1960)Golden FishZolotaya Rybka in Russian. Very expensive titanium hull.
USSR Tashkent (1939)Blue BeautyPainted cobalt blue?
 Blue Cruiser, ThePainted cobalt blue?


Santa Clara (14??)Niña"after her master-owner Juan Nino of Moguer"
Santa Maria (14??)La Gallega

United States

SS Catalina (1924)Great White Steamer, The
SS Christopher Columbus (1893)Queen Of The Lakes
SS Eastland (1902)Speed Queen of The LakesFastest excursion ship operating on Lake Michigan.
SS Edmund Fitzgerald (1958)Fitz 
SS United States (1952)Big U
SS William J. DeLanceyFancy DeLancey
USA Chasseur (1812)Pride of BaltimoreBaltimore-built, served with distinction in War of 1812
USCG Bear (1873)Old Iron Sides 
USCG Munro - WHEC-724 (1971)We Have to Eat Chicken 7-24Play on WHEC designation.
USCGC Polar Star - WAGB-10 (1976)Polar Roller, TheIce breaker hull shape rolls excessively in beam seas.
USF Constellation (1797)Yankee RacehorseEarned due to her high speed during 'quasi-war'. According to some sources this name was applied rather (or also) to the 1854 sloop Constellation for that ship's record of chasing down blockade runners during the Civil War.
USF Constitution (1797)Old IronsidesPurported ability to resist cannonshot.
USF United States (1797)Old WagonHeaviest and slowest of the large frigates ordered in 1796.
USS Abraham Lincoln - CVN-72 (1989)Abe 
 BaberahamAfter shipping Co-ed crew.
 Satan's Flagship 
USS Abraham Lincoln - SSBN-602 (1961)Sinkin' Lincoln
USS Acadia - AD-42 (1981)Love Boat, TheHigh proportion of female crew, high # of pregnancies following Gulf War I deployment
USS Alabama - BB-60 (1942)Big A
 Big Bama
 Mighty A, The
USS Alexander Hamilton - SSBN-617 (1963)A. FrogStory is that black hull paint not allowed to dry, washed off in spots during deployment, suggesting frog appearance.
 Frog, TheStory is that black hull paint not allowed to dry, washed off in spots during deployment, suggesting frog appearance.
USS America - CV-66 (1965)AmericaStress on the third syllable I.e. "A-meh-REE-ka"
 Big A, The 
 Hostile Surface Contact 
USS Antietam - CG-54 (1987)Auntie Em
USS ArcherfishA FishNot known which USS Archerfish this refers to.
USS Arizona - BB-39 (1916)Up and At 'Em
USS Arkansas - BB-33 (1912)Arkie
USS Arleigh Burke - DDG-51 (1991)Always Broke
USS Aspro - SSN-648 (1969)Spro
USS Astoria - CA-34 (1934)Nasty Asty 
USS Augusta - SSN-710 (1984)Bumperfish
 Oh, Shitfish
USS Austin - LPD-4 (1965)Duck, TheLPD=Large Plastic Duck. Comment on ship's expected survivability in combat.
USS B-Class submarine - SS-163-5 (1924-26)Barking Fish3 boats, Barracuda, Bass & Bonita. Name inspired by peculiar hull shape.
USS Bainbridge - CGN-25 (1962)Billy B
 Brain Damage
 Grey Ghost, TheReputation as fastest ship in Pacific fleet during 60s.
USS Barb - SS-220 (1942)Boob, The
USS Batfish - SSN-681 (1972)Batboat, The
USS Belleau Wood - LHA-3 (1978)Big Dog
 Devil Dog
USS Benjamin Stoddert - DDG-22 (1964)Benny Sweat
 Pocket CruiserAdopted in late 80s apparently. Ship's patch bears legend "World's Finest Pocket Cruiser."
USS Bennington - CV-20 (1944)Benn
 Big Benn
 Cripple ShipFirst ship equipped with heavy duty arrester gear, crippled aircraft were frequently routed to be recovered aboard her.
USS Billfish - SSN-676 (1971)Spirit of '76 
USS Bon Homme Richard - CV-31 (1944)Bonnie Dick
USS BonHomme Richard - LHD-6 (1998)Revolutionary Gator'Gator' seems to be a common theme among ships of this type or class
USS BostonLost One
USS Bowen - FF-1079 (1971)Goin' Bowen 
USS Bowfin - SS-287 (1943)Pearl Harbor Avenger, TheLaunched 12/7/42
USS Boxer - CV-21 (1945)Busy BeeAccording to a former crewmember during the 60s.
 Showboat, TheLabeled thus on a postcard printed in ship's printing plant in 1945.
USS Brinkley Bass - DD-887 (1945)Rinkly Ass
USS Bunker Hill - CG-52 (1986)Vertical Swordsman, TheFirst ship armed with vertical launching system.
USS Bunker Hill - CV-17 (1943)Holiday ExpressWas very active during Xmas/New Year's holiday period in 1944.
USS Bush - DD-529 (1943)Fighting '29, The
USS Bushnell - AS-15 (1943)Burning BushSerious electrical fire in 1965
USS Cabot - CVL-28 (1943)Iron Lady, TheErnie Pyle reported from aboard during war. Prohibited from revealing the name of the ship this was the term he used.
USS California - BB-44 (1921)Prune Barge, The
USS CanopusCan of Shit
USS Carl Vinson - CVN-70 (1982)Battlestar, TheMost advanced electronic suite at the time.
 Chuckie V
 Starship Vinson
 Uncle Carl
USS Casablanca-class aircraft carrier - CVE-n (1942)Kaiser KoffinsVery lightly constructed, top-heavy ships that were built by Kaiser shipyards.
USS Casimir Pulaski - SSBN-633 (1964)Crazy Polock
USS Chevalier - DD-451 (1942)Chevy
USS Chosin - CG-65 (1991)Chosen One, The
 War Dragon, TheDragon figure in ship's seal.
USS Cimarron - AO-22 (1939)Find Them, Fuel Them, Forget ThemMore of a slogan I think.
USS City of Corpus Christi - SSN-705 (1983)City Of
 Corpus Delecti
USS Cole - DDG-67 (1996)Determined Warrior, The
USS Columbus - CG-12 (1962)Clumsy Bus
 Tall Lady, TheTallest of 3 Albany-class vessels. According to some sources, the entire class was sometimes referred to as 'Tall Ladies.'
 Ugly Dozen, TheApparently not everyone thought the design attractive.
USS Constellation - CV-64 (1961)America's Flagship
USS Constellation - IX-20 (1854)Cradle of AdmiralsLong serving training ship
USS Copeland - FFG-25 (1982)Cope-less
USS Coral Sea - CV-43 (1947)Ageless Warrior
 Best In The West
 Big 'C', The
 Big Sea, The
 Coral Crunch
 Coral Maroon
 Coral Maru
 Coral Shit
 Cruel Maru
 Cruel Sea
 Hotel 43
 Natural, The
 Olongapo's Own
 Operational Queen of the Seventh Fleet, The
 Oral Sea
 Oral Sex
 San Francisco's OwnHome port for many years. City adopted her under this title by 'resolution & proclamation 7/24/67.'
 Three Screw MaruCoral Sea reportedly had a bent or otherwise damaged shaft that would cause severe vibrations at high speed. Is that the inspiration behind this name?
USS Cowpens - CG-63 (1991)Mighty Moo, TheCrew known as "The Thundering Herd."
USS Cowpens - CVL-25 (1943)Mighty Moo, The
USS Croatan - CVE-25 (1943)Old Crow 
USS DaceDunce
USS Dallas - SSN-700 (1981)Ballastfish
USS David R. Ray - DD-971 (1977)Death-Ray
USS Des Moines - CA-134 (1948)CrusaderRadio call sign.
 Daisy Mae 
 Dizzy D
USS Deuel - APA-160 (1944)Dirty D, The
USS Drayton - DD-366 (1936)Blue Beetle, TheDark blue camouflage in early WWII
USS Duncan - FFG-10 (1980)Dunkin' Donuts
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower - CVN-69 (1977)Ike
USS Elrod - FFG-55 (1985)Hammerin' HankAfter namesake, Major Henry Elrod.
USS Enterprise - CV-6 (1938)Big E
 Fighting Gray Lady, The
 Galloping Ghost of The Oahu Coast, The
 Lucky E, The
USS Enterprise - CVN-65 (1961)'Prise, The
 Big E
 Building 65During protracted refit in early 1980s
 Ghetto Ship, The
 Pig, The
 StarshipAfter Star Trek.
USS Essex - CV-9 (1942)Fightingest Ship in The Fleet, The
 Galloping Ghost of Any Coast, TheIn 1958 Essex steamed over 75,000 miles in ten months in deployments in the Mediterranean and Pacific.
 Oldest and The Boldest, The
USS Essex - LHD-2 (1992)Iron Gator, The'Gator' seems to be a common theme among ships of this type or class
USS Essex (1992)Iron Gator
USS Fletcher - DD-445 (1942)Lucky 13Only US ship to survive undamaged from Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal on the morning of 11/13/1942.
USS Flying Fish - SSN-673 (1970)Drug Fish, TheUsed in unit (SubRon 6 - Norfolk) after a large drug bust involving some of her crew in early 80s.
USS Forrestal - CV-59 (1955)FID"First In Defense"... Referring to J. Forrestal's role as Sec. Defense. This was also ship's motto.
 Forest FireSevere deck fire in 1967.
 ZippoBesides the disastrous deck fire, ship supposedly constantly experienced small ship-board fires.
USS Francis Hammond - FF-1067 (1970)Franic Hammond
 Frannie Maru
USS Francis Scott Key - SSBN-657 (1966)Francis ScotkiCrew of USS Casimir Pulaski would "joke that she was the second sub named for a Polish person."
USS Franklin - CV-13 (1944)Big Ben 
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt - CV-42 (1945)Dirty
 Foody Roo
 Happy Wanderer, TheRecord # of miles steamed, and Mediterranean deployments.
USS Gary - FFG-51 (1984)Two-GunsMascot was Yosemite Sam
USS George Washington - SSBN-598 (1959)Georgefish
USS Glover - AGDE-1 (1965)Aged-1A play on the AGDE designation.
 Another God-Damned ExperimentA play on the AGDE designation
 Awfully God-Damned ExpensiveA play on the AGDE designation
 Egad-1A play on the AGDE designation
 General, The
 Glove Boat, The
 Glover Lover, The
 Grey Ghost of The Gitmo Coast, The
 Mother Glover
 Shovel, The
USS Grayling - SSN-646 (1968)Gray Thing
USS GreenlingGreen Pig
USS Guadalcanal - LPH-7 (1963)Anal Canal
 Golden Wad, The
USS Gwin - DD-433 (1941)Win with the GwinMore of a slogan I think.
USS Haleakala - AE-25 (1959)Hockey-Puck Maru 
USS HalseyBull
USS Hancock - CV-19 (1944)HandjobApplied in late 60s.
 Mighty Hannah, The
USS Harry E. Yarnell - CG-17 (1963)Hairy Urinal
USS Harry S. Truman - CVN-75 (1998)Hairy Ass
USS Harry W. Hill - DD-986 (1979)Horrible Harry
USS Hassayampa - AO-145Humpin' Hass
USS Helena - CA-75 (1945)IllustrateRadio call sign.
USS Henry Clay - SSBN-625 (1964)Henry Lemon
USS Hepburn - FF-1055 (1969)Hashburn 
USS HonoluluBlue Goose, TheAfter state bird
USS Hornet - CV-12 (1943)Best In The West, The
 Fighting Lady
 Grey Ghost, TheNever used during ship's operational career, applied later as a PR tactic by museum promoters.
 Hornet HotelDuring time as troop transport.
 Horney Maru
USS Hornet - CV-8 (1941)Fighting Lady
 Happy Hornet 
 Horny Maru
USS Houston - CA-30 (1930)Galloping Ghost of The Java Coast, The
 Rambler, The
USS Hyman G. Rickover - SSN-709 (1984)Cell Block 709
 Dicked Over
 Hymie G.
USS Idaho - BB-42 (1919)Big I
USS Inchon - LPH-12 (1970)Grey Taxi, The
 Grunt Hilton
USS Independence - CV-62 (1959)Indigestion
USS Indiana - BB-58 (1942)Hoosier Houseboat
 Indian Country
 Sophisticated Lady
USS Indianapolis - CA-35 (1932)Indy
 Swayback MaruProfile of interwar US cruisers suggested curvature of the spine.
USS Ingersoll - DD-990 (1980)IngerHell
USS Intrepid - CV-11 (1943)Decrepid
 Dry I 
 Evil Eye
 Evil ITook frequent damage during WW2.
USS Iowa - BB-61 (1943)Big Stick
 First Lady of the Third Fleet, TheSome reports indicate that this was actually Missouri
 Gray Ghost, The
 Mighty I, The
USS Jack - SSN-605 (1967)Jack-maru
USS Jack Williams - FFG-24 (1981)Arky, The
 Happy Jack
 Jack Daniels
USS Jacksonville - SSN-699 (1981)Bumper BoatDue to her various collisions -- the crew was referred to as: Crash Crew 82, Back For More in 84 and Deep Six in 86
USS James Madison - SSBN-627 (1964)Black Magic
 Dolly Madison
 Jimmy "Mad Dog" Madison
 Jolly Dolly
USS James Monroe - SSBN-622 (1963)Jimmy the Pig
USS Jenkins - DD-447 (1942)Jerky Jenkins
 Mighty J
USS John C. Stennis - CVN-74 (1995)JCS
 Johnnie Reb
USS John F. Kennedy - CV-67 (1968)Big John
 Building 67
 John F. CollisionSupposedly applied by crew of USS Belknap following a collision.
 Kan-OpenerInvolved in a collision with USS Belknap
 Slack Jack
USS JohnstonGQ Johnny
USS Jupiter - AVS-8 (1942)Baka-Hatchi Maru
USS Kamehameha - SSBN-642 (1965)Kammy-Ha-Ha
USS Kearsarge - CV-33 (1946)Corsage, The
 Gay Kay
 Mighty Kay-RUNCH, TheThree collisions in less than a year
 Mighty Kay, The 
 Rammin Rankin's Krashbarge Three collisions in less than a year
USS Kidd - DD-661 (1943)Pirate of The Pacific, TheThough named after Admiral Kidd (killed at Pearl Harbor) ship's mascot was Captain Kidd, the pirate. She had an emblem painted on a funnel, flew the Skull & Crossbones and would ransom rescued airmen back to their ships.
USS Kidd-class (1981)Ayatollah-classOriginally built for Iran, taken over instead by the USN after the fall of the Shah.
 Dead-admiral-classAll named after deceased admirals
USS Kinkaid - DD-965 (1976)Crush-KaidWas rammed by a large merchant ship.
USS Kittyhawk - CV-63 (1961)Battle Kitty
 Chicken Hawk
 Hawk, TheReportedly most common.
 Shitty Bird
 Shitty Kitty
USS La Jolla - SSN-701 (1981)La Jolla de Muerte"Jewel of Death" in Spanish.
USS Lake Champlain - CV-39 (1945)Champ
 Lake Complain
USS Lake Erie - CG-70 (1993)Ear-ache
USS Langley - CV-1 (1922)Covered Wagon, Thebased on ship's appearance.
 Old Covered WagonShip's patch depicted ship's hull topped by Conestoga cover.
USS LaVallette - DD-448 (1942)Dilly
USS Leftwich - DD-984 (1979)Left Bitch
 Left Tit
USS Leviathan - ID-1326 (1917)Levi Nathan 
USS Lewis and Clark - SSBN-644 (1965)Leaks and Cracks
 Lost and Confused
USS Lewis B. Puller - FFG-23 (1982)Chesty PullerNamesake's nickname
USS Lexington - CV-16 (1943)Blue Ghost, TheBlue camouflage scheme.
 Lady Lex
USS Lexington - CV-2 (1927)Lady Lex
USS Long Beach - CG-9 (1961)Long Bitch
USS LPH-class - 1961 (1961)Lame Ponderous Hulk
USS LST-575 - LST-575 (1944)Mammy Yokum
USS Mahan - DDG-42 (1960)Mickey, The'Passing the word for Mickey Mahan called out the security team.'
USS Mariano G. Vallejo - SSBN-658 (1966)Valley Joe 
USS Maryland - BB-46 (1921)Fighting Mary
 Old Mary
USS Massachusetts - BB-59 (1942)Big Mamie
USS McCawley - APA-4 (1940)Wacky Mac 
USS McClusky - FFG-41 (1983)McCluster-Fuck
USS McGowan - DD-678PugnoseBent stem in collision with pier, never repaired.
USS MiantonomohMy Aunt Don't Know Me
USS Midway - CV-41 (1945)Magic
 Never Dock
USS Mindoro - CVE-120 (1945)Mighty MinnieHad 99 year license from Disney to use Minnie Mouse logo in patch design.
USS Minneapolis - CA-36 (1934)Minnie
USS Minneapolis-St. Paul - SSN-708 (1984)Menopause
USS MississippiMudpuppy
USS Mississippi - BB-41 (1917)Ole Miss
USS Missouri - BB-63 (1944)Mighty Mo
 War Pig, The
USS Moinester - FF-1097 (1974)Mickey Mo
USS Monitor (1862)Cheesebox on a Raft, TheAppearance.
 Tin Can on A Shingle
USS Morrison - DD-560 (1943)Moe
USS Nathaniel Greene - SSBN-636 (1964)Nasty Nat
USS Nevada - BB-36 (1916)Cheer-up ShipNevada's getting under way during the attack at Pearl Harbor was inspirational to many. Other accounts say that 'Cheer up' was the slogan of her first captain.
USS New Jersey - BB-62 (1943)Big J
 Big Jay, The
 Black DragonDark, all blue camouflage in WW2.
USS New Mexico - BB-40 (1918)Queen, The 
USS New Mexico-class battleship (1918)Big Five, TheApplied to the 3 ships of this class, along with the 2 ships of the subsequent and very similar Tennessee class. In some sources, 'The Big Five' refers to the two ships of the Tennessee class and the three ships of the subsequent Maryland class.
USS New OrleansNO Boat
USS Newport News - CA-148 (1949)Gray Ghost, The
 Never No
 News, The
 ThunderCall sign, used during 1967 while on Viet Nam deployment
USS Nicholas - DD-449 (1942)Nick
USS Nimitz - CVN-68 (1975)Chet
USS North Carolina - BB-55 (1941)Showboat, TheLong work up time, highly visible during this period leaving and entering port, putting on a 'show' for press and public.
 USO North Carolina Applied by crew USS Washington BB-56 because NC spent more time in the states for repairs and refits and therefor was much more frequently mentioned in the press than other ships.
USS Northampton - CA-26 (1939)Nora
 Number One Ship In the Number One Navy, The 
USS O'Bannon - DD-450 (1942)Lucky 'O'
 Potato Barge
USS Ogden - LPD-5 (1965)Oggie Doggie
USS Okinawa - LPH-3 (1962)Brokinawa
USS Oklahoma - BB-37 (1916)Mighty Okie
USS Oklahoma City - CL-91 (1944)OK City
 Okie Boat
 Okie City
USS Oklahoma City - SSN-723 (1988)Brokelahoma City
USS Oldendorf - DD-972 (1978)Dork, The
 Woodendork, The
USS Oliver Perry-classFIGS
USS Oliver Perry-class (1977)Helen Keller-class
USS OlympiaOnly Lovely Young Maidens Presently Invited Aboard
USS OmahaOh! My Ass Hurts Again!
USS Oregon - BB-3 (1896)Bulldog of The Navy, Theor "The Bulldog of The Fleet."
 McKinley's Bulldog"She was called a "bulldog" at the battle of Santiago (Cuba), where the name stuck. She appeared as a tough dog, speeding into a fight, and the white wake off her bow was said to appear as a "bone" clenched in her teeth." -
 Yankee Devil, TheSpanish nickname.
USS Oriskany - CV-34 (1950)Big O, The
 Big Risk, The
 Flaming O
 Mighty O, The 
 O Boat
 Toasted OSevere deck/hangar fire during a Vietnam deployment in 60s.
 USS Zippo"Fire every day during 71/72 cruise"
USS Orleck - DD-886 (1945)Oil Slick
 SunkistHad notable success during war game one year as member of orange fleet.
USS Pegasus - PHM-1 (1977)PegasorousSupposedly originally to be named Delphinus but changed in anticipation that the nickname of Delphinus would be 'Dull Penis.'
USS Pennsylvania - BB-38 (1916)Grand Old Lady, The
 Keystone Battlewagon, The
 Mighty Penn 
 Old Falling ApartDuring WW2: “She turns out such a volume of gun fire you'd think she was falling to pieces”.
USS PhiladelphiaFilthydelphia
USS Philippine Sea - CV-47 (1946)PhilSea
 Showboat, TheUsed on one veterans' website.
USS Phoenix - SSN-702 (1981)Flaming Chicken
USS PittsburghShitsburgh
USS Portland - CA-33 (1933)Sweet Pea
USS Potomac - AG-25 (1936)Floating White House, ThePresidential yacht
USS Prince William - CVE-31 (1943)Pee Willie
USS Princeton - CV-37 (1945)SweetPea
USS Providence (1775)Lucky Sloop, The
USS Puget SoundLove Boat, The
 Pubic Mound
USS Queenfish - SS-??Queerfish
USS Ranger - CV-4 (1934)Ghost Ship, TheIncorrectly reported sunk by u-boat.
USS Ranger - CV-61 (1957)Building 61
 Danger Ranger 
 Gray Lady, The
 Top Gun
USS Reuben James - FFG-57 (1986)Rubber Jimmy
USS Richard B. AndersonRoast Beef Again
USS Robert E. Lee - SSBN-601 (1960)Bitchin' Bobby
USS Robinson - DD-562 (1944)Robbie
USS Rochester - CA-124Gray Ghost of The Korean Coast, TheReportedly fired more shells during Korea than any other ship.
USS Rodney M. Davis - FFG-60 (1987)Ruin My Day
USS Ronald Reagan - CVN-76 (2004)Gipper, The
USS Sailfish - S-199SquailfishFormer USS Squalus
USS Saint Paul - C?-??Miss Pauline 
USS Saint Paul - CA-73 (1945)African Queen, The 
USS SaipanShitcan
USS SalemSea Witch
USS Salt Lake CitySlave Labor CampPlay on initials.
USS Salt Lake City - CA-25 (1930)Old SwaybackOldest heavy cruiser in fleet.
 One Ship FleetReputed to have fought more actions and sunk more enemy ships than any other surface unit in US Navy during WW2.
 Queen Of The Seas
 Sails Like CrazyAnother WAG interpretation of what SLC stood for. Ship had poor handling characteristics.
 Slick CityPopular with crew, 'Swayback' was favored in fleet.
 Swayback MaruProfile of interwar US cruisers suggested curvature of the spine.
 TincladGenerally applied to ships in class. Very lightly armored compared to subsequent designs.
 Wallowing GhostShip had poor handling and rolled excessively.
USS Sam Houston - SSBN-609 (1962)Sammy Suck Butt
USS Samuel B. RobertsSammy B 
USS San Francisco - CA-38Frisco Maru 
USS San Francisco - CA-38 (1934)Frisco
USS San Jacinto - CG-56 (1988)San Jac 
USS Sand Lance - SSN-660 (1971)Sandbar MaruAfter accidentally submerging at pier side & flooding the engine room.
USS Saratoga - CV-3 (1927)Old Sara 
 Ship of Happy Landings, The
 Torpedo Junctionplay on popular song "Tuxedo Junction". CV-3 was torpedoed several times during WW2.
USS Saratoga - CV-60 (1956)Sara
 Sinkin' Sarah
 Sorry SaraIt has been suggested that CV-60 was a maintenance problem compared to her sisters.
 SparrowtogaAccidentally fired a live Sea Sparrow missile at a Turkish ship during a joint exercise in 1992.
 Sucking Sara
 Sucking Sixty From DixieWhen based in southern US.
USS Sarsfield - DD-837 (1945)Sorry Fucker 
USS Scorpion - SSN-589 (1960)Scrap Iron"because of her poor material condition."
USS Seadragon - SSN-584 (1959)Shore DragonSpent so much time in port she had a skirt of algae & seaweed around her waterline.
USS Seawolf - SSN-21 (1997)Building 21Spent so much time in port she became a 'permanent' fixture.
 PierwolfSpent so much time in port she became a 'permanent' fixture.
USS Shangri-La - CV-38 (1944)Shang
 Shitty Shang
USS Simon LakeSlimy Lake
USS South Dakota - BB-57 (1942)Battleship XWhen reporting her activities in 1942 Navy department would not reveal her name, so she was labeled "Battleship 'X'" in newspapers.
 Big Bastard
 Black Prince, The
 Dirty DickApplied by crew of USS Washington BB-56, who did not think SD was a very tight ship.
 Old NamelessInspired by the 'Battleship X' appellation.
 Shitty DickAgain, reportedly from crew of Washington, who felt that South Dakota was given (or had taken) unfair credit for the victory in the 2nd Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, at Washington's expense.
USS Springfield - CL-66 (1944)Spring a Leak
USS Spruance - DD-963 (1975)SprucanAlso used generically to refer to any ship of this class.
USS St. Louis - CL-49Lucky LouWas able to get under way and clear Pearl Harbor during attack.
USS Talladega - APA-208 (1944)Tremblin' T, TheDamaged shaft/propeller caused ship to shake.
USS Tarawa - LHA-1 (1976)Eagle of The Sea, The 
USS Tautog - SSN-639 (1968)Tag OutAnagram.
USS Taylor - DD-468 (1942)Terrible T
USS Tecumseh - SSBN-628 (1964)T-Cup
USS Tennessee - BB-43 (1920)Big T
 Big Tenn
 Rebel Ship
 Ridge Runner, The
 Tenny Maru
 Volunteer State Battlewagon, The 
USS Texas - ACR-2 (1895)Old HoodooHoodoo generally means bad luck. Ship reportedly had poor handling and low rate of fire. 'Hoodoo' also appears to be a term that appears quite frequently in Texas culture and history. Reputation for accidents, including groundings and once actually sinking at pier-side.
USS Texas - BB-35Big T
USS Thach - FFG-43 (1984)Snatch
USS Theodore Roosevelt - CVN-71 (1986)Big Stick
USS Theodore Roosevelt - SSBN-600 (1961)Building 600Spent 2 years in yard, became 'permanent fixture.'
USS Thomas S. Gates - CG-51Tommy the Tugboat
USS Ticonderoga - CG-47 (1983)Tico
USS Ticonderoga - CV-14 (1944)Big T
 T, The
USS Tripoli - LPH-10 (1966)Cripoli
USS TruxtunGoddam Ugly Ship
USS Tullibee - SSN-597 (1960)Building 597
 Tulibeast, The
USS Tunny - SSN-682 (1974)Funny Tunny
 Tuna Boat
USS Valley Forge - CV-45 (1946)Death ValleyDevastating fire during Korea war.
 Happy Valley
USS Vincennes - CG-49 (1985)RobocruiserReference to highly automated Aegis missile system and, reportedly, to the 'aggressive tendencies of its captain' (Vincennes shot down a civilian airliner in 1986.)
USS VirginiaWar Pig, The
USS Von Stueben - SSBN-632 (1964)Von Stupid
 Voo Doo
USS WabashBall Rash
USS Wainwright - CG-28 (1966)Wain Pig
USS Washington - BB-56 (1941)Mighty W, The
 Rusty W"wasn't in port long enough to get new paint and got very rusty"
USS Wasp - CV-18 (1943)Mighty Stinger, The
USS West Virginia - BB-48 (1923)Mountaineer Battlewagon, The 
 Old Task Force 58
USS West Virginia - SSN-736 (1990)By GodWest "By God" Virginia
 Silent Mountaineer, The 
USS White Plains - AFS-4 (1968)Orient Express, The
USS Willamette - AO-180 (1982)We'll Ram ItWas involved in 2 collisions in a single year.
USS William D. Porter - DD-579 (1943)Willie Dee
USS William H. Standley - DLG-32 (1966)Standley Steamer
 Steamer, The
 Steamin' Standley
USS Wisconsin - BB-64 (1944)Whiskey
 WisKyWisconsin's bow badly damaged in collision in mid-50s. Damaged section replaced with equivalent section of bow of unfinished sister-ship USS Kentucky BB-66.
USS Witek - DD-848 (1946)Galloping Ghost of the Long Island Coast, The
USS Yellowstone - AD-41 (1980)Jellystone
 Love Boat, The
 Old Faithful
USS Yorktown - CV-10 (1943)Battling Bitch, The
 Fighting Lady, The
 Lucky Lady
USS Yorktown - CV-5 (1937)Fighting Lady, The
 Old York
 Old Yorky
 Waltzing MatildaAustralian nickname, inspired by ship's frequent presence in near Australian waters during 1942.
USS YP-class gunboatsYippies

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