Ovation Viper

My main electric for a long time has been this late 70s era Ovation Viper solid body, a not terribly successful model but one which has some nice features and is very playable. It's nicely balanced and the neck is excellent: a full two octaves, nice action, and maple fingerboard (I'm partial to maple.)
Unfortunately, the insipid single-coil pickups were not among its nicer features (other, contemporary Ovation electrics, had active electronics, but not this one,) so I replaced them 'round about 1987 with a Jackson high-output humbucker in the bridge position (the same pickup used on Jackson's Soloist guitars) and an Ibanez Super 80 ('Winged Finger' or 'Butterfly Touch') pickup at the neck. The Super 80 is the same pickup that Ibanez featured on their Artist series of guitars in the 70s. The Jackson provides real crunch and the Butterfly Touch provides a nice, flat mellow tone. The Jackson is wired with a 3 way coil tap and both pickups are hooked to a phase switch. Three switches and 13 combinations are way too many to be practical! I've replaced the original pickguard, which was broken when I bought the guitar, and the rather clunky, oversized stock knobs with trimmer and sexier Les Paul Custom-style knobs.
I installed gold-plated Gotoh tuners after Minstrel, knocked the guitar over and broke a couple of the original, nylon-cased Schallers. For the future, I would like to acquire a second Viper neck to scallop (anybody know where to find one at a reasonable price?) Eventually I want to replace the stock saddles with modern, Strat-style saddles, which should be more rigid and stable and give better intonation and more consistent string spacing. Adrian Legg did something similar to an Ovation Preacher guitar (an upscale contemporary of the Viper, which had many features in common) in one of his books.