Boo's Home Page

Boo Boo is a rescued feral. He was captured October 2, 2000. At the time he was probably about five months old. Method of capture was by hand. He was pretty friendly as a wild kitten, which was his undoing. Enjoying being petted made him relatively easy to grab. It is a method of capture that I will never employ again.

Boo's mother, Eartha Kittin, is also Volya's mother, though they are from litters a year apart, and The Wench is his sister by the same litter, which makes him an uncle of Saki and Vodka. As an outside cat Boo bore the name Kotyohnok (Russian: kitten.) After moving in his personality pretty much insisted that his name was really Boo. As an all-black cat, it can be a challenge getting clear pictures of Boo, but he does share the one identifying characteristic of his family: A white spot on his breast. In Boo's case, it is barely visible, unlike his mother, sisters and nephews, but it is there. As a kitten, Boo was full of shit, as all good kittens are. As an adult he is somewhat more aloof, but generally good-natured. He gets along with pretty much all the other cats, especially Minstrel, with the exception of the girls (Mouse and The Wench), but the girls don't like anyone.


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