Saki's Home page

Saki, born (probably) in August of 2001, was among a family of four kittens, along with their mother, trapped October 7, 2001. Like his brother Vodka, we were unable to find an adoption home for Saki, so here he stayed. Here is Saki, within days of his rescue, relaxing in the litter box (?) of the holding cage in the garage. Saki in cage
Saki untamed Here he is a few months later, after moving into the house. Still a little wild.
As a kitten, Saki had the interesting habit of drinking while standing in his water dish. As an adult, the water dish is much too tall to stand in, so he has the interesting habit of dropping cat toys into the water dish. Saki in dish
Saki cuting Saki's favorite posture seems to be on his back. He is distinguishable from his brother Vodka by having more white in his coloration. His socks come higher on his feet/legs, his breast/collar area is larger, and he has a white stripe on his lower jaw.
Quite the jumper when he wants to be, Saki catches some serious air. Saki launches
Touchdown! And comes in for a perfect two-point landing.
Never underestimate the fun you can have with an old shoe. Saki launches
Saki And here's the portrait. Click here to see Saki in action (327 kilobytes).