Vodka's Home page

Vodka, like his brother Saki, was rescued on October 7, 2001. I estimated his (and his siblings') age as being six to eight weeks at the time. Vodka in window
Vodka - portrait Vodka and Saki are very similar. In fact, they like to impersonate each other when you're not paying attention. In general though, we consider Saki to be the 'cute' one, and Vodka to be the 'juvenile delinquent.' Look here, the little thug is sticking his tongue out at us! He is a master thief, a little too smart for his own good, but ever so helpful around the house.
Was it coincidence that the two siblings that had white 'splashes' on their faces were adopted, while Vodka and his brother ended up staying here? Who knows. But I suspect that kittens with markings on their faces are generally considered oh so much cuter. By that standard though, you can see in this kitten picture that Vodka himself came within just inches of being 'adoptable.' Vodka lounging
Vodka lounges Not that Vodka is any slouch in the 'cute' department.
Nor in the 'fiendish' department. This is a light on top of my computer monitor. Vodka's mum, The Wench, also likes to toast her face in this little lamp. Have a look at her page to see what I mean. Vodka also apparently inherited his insatiable appetite from 'mom.' They would probably gladly eat each other, given half a chance. The Wench and her boys do not get along. Little Devil
Vodka - portrait Actually, there aren't that many good pictures of Vodka as an adult. Like all predominantly black cats, he's difficult to get a good exposure on. But more than that, in most pictures I found, he's just one in a pile of cats, usually with his brother, or with one, the other, or both, of his uncles.