One Cat's Guitars

Ibanez 627 My main (and only) acoustic guitar is an Ibanez 627 dreadnought. Basic 70s-era budget acoustic.
My main 'playing' electric is an Ovation Viper . Rare, under-rated, not a collector's item. Ovation Viper
Prototype Scallop guitar I became interested in scalloped guitars and decided to build one. The 'Prototype' Scallop was the result.
Still intrigued with the possibilities of the scalloped guitar, I attempted to produce a real guitar with a scalloped fingerboard, based on a collection of Les Paul parts. The 'never ending project.' The 'Les Paul'
Wolfson guitar Yet another scalloped experiment, the most recent guitar I've attempted to build (and another 'never-ending project') is 'The Wolfson' solidbody.
A more recent acquisition is this Kramer 600ST, a garage sale find. Kramer 600ST
Mystery guitar Another garage sale find. If anyone knows what this is, please let me know.
OK, this cool Fender Precision Bass doesn't really belong to me. But I do play it. Fender Precision
Stella/Harmony mandolin Not a guitar, but close enough. The Stella/Harmony mandolin.
Things I USED to have.